Toxic Waste

This work is inspired by a small patch of oil I saw one day while surfing. It’s really troubling to me how little regard we have for our oceans.

Toxic Waste – acrylic, graffiti, and enamel on canvas. 48×36.


One of my favorite works so far. I love the simplicity in the lines and the retro, 80′s feel the colors conjure up. Enamel, acrylic and graffiti on double canvas.


Don’t get me wrong! I find art to be a highly rewarding endeavor. However, this is not to say that artists don’t get frustrated sometimes. Actually, this happens quite often in my case.

As an artist, your main objective is to transform an idea, thought, emotion you have, into something tangible. However, for me, this isn’t always the most linear process. I have scrapped entire paintings because I was not happy with one aspect of it. This process has helped me realize that if you’re not happy with something, change it! The outcome might make things better or worse, but at least you’ll have the satisfaction that you were courageous enough to change it!